Who said F1 is boring?

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We haven’t seen this for the first time. Stunning battles for positions have happend all the time in this Formula 1 season. But it wasn’t for the first place. The question only was, would it be Hamilton or Rosberg on the top of the podium? In Spain we just saw the usual stunning fights but this time it was for the win. usually Max Verstappen would have been third and the battle we have seen would be for the places 3 to 6. That sounds not that sensational as the youngest driver and the first Dutch ever to win a Grand Prix.

So do we make the Mercedes always start from the pit lane? Well, I think they still would win, maybe with the execption of tracks where overtaking is quite impossible. And it isn’t the first time that one team is dominating. it has happened with McLaren, Williams and other teams. Whoever constructs the best car wins. The only way to let the cars get more equal is to use the same rules for a very long time. By this the possibilities for improvement get smaller with time and slower teams get time to improve their cars. Next year there will be new rules. We will see who will have the best car then. If the rules are good, overtaking will be a bit easier and the cars a more spectacular. We will see. I’m waiting for decades to have rules that reduce aerodynamics and give more mechanical grip. With more engine power the cars get more difficult to drive and are sliding more. I hope the tires are also more durable. Otherwise we will again, not see any improvement.

In the meantime we should focus on each Grand Prix. I don’t care who will be World Champion as long as the races are good. So let’s focus on each race. Most of the times the tv showed the battles in the middle field and that is ok with me. So we see all the action happening. The win of Max also shifts the focus from politics to racing which is also a good thing. We had too much discussion of politics in F1 recently. They have to sort out some things that’s for sure but as long as the racing is ok this shouldn’t be the main thing to dominate the media coverage.