My Cars for Season 3 2016 in iRacing

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dw12_club_mate_low_downforce_hintenFirst, my Dallara DW12 Indycar which I will run in the Indycar oval fixed series and occasionally in the Indycar road series. Indycars are my main motivation for iRacing. I which they would provide a series in higher classes, like they do with NASCAR.

dw12_club_mate_low_downforceNevertheless Indycar is fuin to drive. Much downforce and a quite stable car to drive. I’m looking forward to the Índy500 2017 where I hope to drive more than 45 laps like this year.

renault_vorneNext up the Formula Renault 2.0 series. Also a fun car to drive. It has much more downforce than the Skippies and they are also faster. So much fun and also interesting tracks like Imola. Last time I drove this track was years ago in Formula 1 Grand Prix.

renault_hintenSo I’m exited to get back to this track.

bmw_club_mate_klein_hintenAt last the BMW Z4 GT3. This car is for the VLN Endurance and the GT Sprint series. The goal is to get used to the car over the year and take part in the Nürburgring 24h in 2017.

bmw_club_mate_kleinThe BMW is a nice car. It’s not that snappy as the Audi R7 LMS, so also beginners might get along with the car.

The Design is done by me and I chose to use Club Mate Cola as a (fake) sponsor as I like it.

I also added the Logo of the German Rifle Association as the rights of sport shooters, collectors and hunters are under attack by the EU.

I will try to compete in these three series at least 8 times of the 12 weeks season. As this is my first full season and I don’t know most of the tracks I will try to get to know the car and tracks and then get to the top20 of my division in the season after.