Fanatec Club Sport V3 Pedals

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After nearly a year in iRacing I finally upgraded my gear with the Fanatec Club Sport V3 Pedals (The standard version). I started with a Logitech Driving Force GT, which isn’t a bad wheel but the pedals have not enough resistance to use the brakes efficiently. Especially with no ABS. When bought the Thrustmaster T300 with the standard pedals, it was a huge improvement. More resistance means more control but when I bought the Porsche 911 GT3 Cup I wasn’t able to drive the car without locking the brakes every time. Eventually I managed to learn it though. Nevertheless, the Thrustmaster pedals enabled me to drive around a second faster than before.

As pedals are the most important part to get faster I planned on getting the Fanatec pedals. And then my Thrustmaster pedals broke down. Just 3 days before the Sebring 12h race. Fortunately I managed to get the Fanatec pedals just in time and had 24h to get used to it.

It took me around 5 laps to get used to the load cell concept. As it is quite the same feeling as a normal car brake it was much easier than I thought. I drove the 12h Sebring race and for the first time I nearly never missed a brake point. The funny thing is, I’m still struggling with the Porsche which I had mastered with the old pedals.

After a few weeks driving with the Fanatec V3s I’m very happy with them. I’m way more confident on brakeing and I’m way faster. On the Nordschleife I improved my time by 10 seconds and when it comes to a fight for a place I’m able to brake just the right amount to not crash. And even if I’m just a bit too fast into a corner I’m able to save it way more often than before.

I also bought the Brake Performance Kit. First I tried without it and installed it after 4 weeks or so. And the installation is the only negative thing I have to report. After putting the new damper into the cylinder the bolt which must be connected to the pedal stands out more than before. So it doesn’t match the holes anymore. In order to get it aligned to put the connection bolt back in you have to press the bolt into the cylinder which is now quite hard and I hardly managed it. Also the cable to the rumbling motor got compressed. The installation guide did say nothing about that. Unfortunately I didn’t find any videos on YouTube of the actual reassemble process.

After I finally managed to reassemble the pedals I, again, needed some time to get used to it. The brake pedal is very stiff and there is not much travel at all. While it was ok to drive without shoes, I would strongly recommend using shoes if you have the Brake Performance Kit installed. You will get a way better feeling and it is even closer to a real car.

To wrap this up. I strongly recommend the Fanatec Club Sport V3 pedals. You get very nice pedals for your money and if you like less travel of the brake pedal, just order the Brake Performance Kit. Fanatec now offers also the V3 inverted which makes it a bit more like a real GT car. I thought about getting these but I’m not sure if they are worth the higher price. That’s up to you to decide. I’m happy with the standard V3s.

I also had a reason to contact the Fanatec support. The Brake Performance Kit was a damper short, so I went to the website to contact support. The procedure is a bit tricky. Especially when you have a question about other things than pedals or wheels. But I finally managed to get everything set up and I used the live chat to talk to a support employee. This went quite well and after some days I got the missing damper in the mail.