Cars for beginners in iRacing

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Which cars in iRacing are easy to drive for beginners, or which cars should you use when you start out in iRacing?

Well, the short answer is: it all comes down to preference. The long answer is, it depends. iRacing offers a wide range of cars and tracks and two license categories, oval and road. You can follow only one or both paths. That’s your choice. In addition you can choose between GT/ Production cars and open wheel cars. When you’re starting fresh you have only the free cars that iRacing is providing you. So as long as you are in the rookie class you don’t have that much of a choice. But as it is possible to get to higher classes in days or weeks, depending on how many races you take part in, I will also present cars from higher classes.

The following list is just a small part of cars you can drive. As I haven’t driven all cars in iRacing I can’t say something about every car. I will update the list when I get a new car and think that it is nice to drive and newbie friendly. It’s also a representation of what I want to drive. The GT1 and prototype cars might also be stable to drive, at least what I know from my experience from other racing sims. So if you have driven other cars and think they are also easy for beginners just tell me in the comments.

As a beginner on the road path, you will have no choice than driving the Mazda MX5. I would recommend to drive this car only on tracks with not that many corners. It’s rear end is very loose and this is actually not very beginner friendly.

soliceBut there is a way to avoid the Mazda. You can drive the production car challenge where you can also drive the Pontiac Solstice. This car is quite slow but also very stable. You most probably will be able to drive it safely around any track you can get. For the road license this is the car you want to drive to get out of rookie status.

bmwmate For higher GT classes the BMW Z4 GT3 is the car you want. With a proper setup this car is also very stable to drive. It’s also very good looking. At the moment everyone seems to prefer the Audi R8 LMS, but this car is very snappy and very hard to catch once you begin to slide.

This would be my choice for the road path, if you want to drive the GT3 endurance series. If you prefer open wheel cars and / or oval racing I also have something for you.

formelrenault2For the road path the Formula Renault 2.0 is a very good choice for the beginner. You have to have a C license to compete in this car and it’s fun to drive. You get quite a lot of downforce and it is possible to set it up very neutral. It’s not that fast but fast enough to be a lot of fun. It’s also a good preparation if you want to drive the Formula 1 cars in the A license class.

dw12For fun in ovals and road the Indycar series is my choice. The Dallara DW12 has tons of downforce and is fun to drive as it is very fast. 380km/h in an oval. That’s just crazy speed. But also road courses are a ton of fun to drive with this car.

That is my list of fun cars to drive which are also beginner friendly. If you have additional cars for this list, write it in the comments.