Rules on how to survive a rookie race in iRacing

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Recently I started with iRacing. I tried it before for one month a year ago and I was quite impressed of the service. Nevertheless I hesitated to join again, after I bought a new gaming PC. It is quite on the expensive side. But I gave it another try for a year.

So now I’m a iRacing rookie and I want to step up to a proper racing license. But that is not that easy. Rookie races are full of collisions and wrecks. So I made up some rules to survive the madness and still get your career going. Because it is not about winning but get your iRating up.

Rule #1: Start from the back of the grid
Or, if you can start from the pole position. The worst thing to do is starting in the middle. Then the first corner will be most likely the end of the race for you. By starting from the back of the grid gives you the advantage of being able to dodge wrecks on the track and stay out of the needless fights at the start.

Rule #2: Keep your distance at the start
Drivers tend to accelerate and break without warning in the formation lap. So keep distance and always be aware.

Rule #3: Stay out of trouble
Most of the drivers try to move forward in the grid. But they easily crash into another. If you see a battle in front of you. Stay out and be ready to break or do an evasive maneuver.

Rule #4: Hold your line
If someone overtakes you or you are overtaking someone, hold your line. Especially if you are getting a blue flag. Hold your line and let the faster driver pass.

You can see how this rules apply in this video.