Porsche 911 GT3 Cup in iRacing

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picJust in time in January 2017 iRacing published the new Porsche 911 GT3 Cup Car. The car that everyone was waiting for.

After some driving with the Porsche I find it a nice car to drive. The only downside, at least for me, are the brakes. They lock up quite easily which is a bit of a struggle if you don’t have loadcell pedals. Nevertheless it is a nice car.

It’s quite stable but you can make it more agile with the right setup. Speaking of the setup, there is not much to to on this side. Which makes it quite easy for beginners and reduces the influence of the setup, so the new Porsche series should be fun as everyone driving more or less the same car and it more comes down to the driver.

It is also faster than I thought. It is not a GT3 car but it is similar fast on straights. At Daytona road course I managed to drive 1:50 after a few laps and I there was room for even better times. So not that much slower but definetely more fun to drive.

I also made a paintjob for the Porsche for my team MAUNZ-RACING, as you can see in the picture. You can also race it if you go to my Trading Paints Showroom page.