Online race with Stock Car Extreme

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Today Matt aka Empty Box called for an online race in Stock Car Extreme. So I joined the Server and twenty other did so as well. The race took place on the Interlagos Raceway, the same where F1 races take place. So I knew the track.

After a slightly slow start I managed to get into rhythm and finally I finished 10th which is quite good for the first time in this kind of car. I think I qualified 13th but as always one have to stay on track and out of trouble to gain a few places.

In the second race there were 30th other racers present. I qualified around 20th place but was around a second faster than the last time. This time I had a good start but in the third corner I ran into a spinning car and ruined my right front suspension. After a one and a half Minute pit stop I rejoined the race one lap behind. I was able to close the gap to a slower driver and after a several laps Lasting battle I finally got past him and finished 18th.

The fighting was hard but always fair. Nobody pushed someone off the track on purpose. That’s how racing should be. I don’t care if I finish first or last, if I have at least a good race and fun and don’t get kicked out of the race.

If the Level of Drivers could be held, online racing with Stock Car Extreme will be extremely fun. I’m in again next time.

I saved a Hot Lap in GSCE.

Here is the second race from the point of view of Matt: