My second iRacing Season

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I just completed my second iRacing season. It was quite successful, at least on the oval side. I finished 8. in the IndyCar Oval fixed series, which is in my goal to be in the top10, after I finished 11th last season. I also won my first race there.

My goal to reach 2000 iRating has not been archived. That is mostly because of the NASCAR B Series. I reached place 55, which is one behind last season (54). I lost iRating almost every race. But nevertheless had a fun race at Charlotte Speedway. I also raced the open series there for one race.

On the road side I just raced too many different classes and lost a lot of iRating. I just reached over 1000 again. I tried the Skippys, Star Mazda, Ruf GT3, BSS and IMSA.

But that also helped me to choose my road series for the next season. After I studied the new schedule I decided to race in IMSA. With the BMW Z4 or the AMG Mercedes GT3, depending on how fast the track is, as the BMW lacks a bit of top speed.

I will race in some other series if I like the track, especially the Interlagos track is a must race with almost every race car and it is finally in the next season. Had a couple of good races in my first half season there, I also want to race the 24h of Daytona. Hoping to get some team members in. If you want to drive with me, just get in contact with me.

As my goals for the oval side are concerned. I want to finish top5 in the IndyCar oval fixed series. This will be the only series to drive in oval and so I try to reach the 2k iRating next season.