My first iRacing season

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I just finished my first iRacing season.

My goal was, to get used to the cars and tracks and get faster as the season progresses. I archived this goal I think. I was not able to compete in as many series as planned but that’s ok. In my main series, the IndyCar oval fixed series, I finished 25th in Division 7. I had 4 Top5 races, finished 10th place on average and had 6 leading laps. I competed at the iRacing Indy500 and had a good time, learning how to drive ovals. at the end of the season I was able to be surely in the top10 or top5 and I almost won a race if I have had enough fuel. Ended 2nd nether the less.

In the NASCAR fixed B series I ended up place 54 in Division 7. Which isn’t that bad provided that I have absolutely no confidence in the car yet. But I’m getting a bit better so I will try this series another season.

Even though I have my problems with Sports and GT cars I also got better with the GT3 on the Nürburgring Nordschleife. My best lap there with a BMW Z4 GT3 is a 8:23.012 which is still around 20 seconds behind the pace of the leaders in my class, but with a bit more practice there should be more. I’m thinking about switching to the Mercedes GT3 as it has more top speed and I can gain a few seconds on the long straits.

So all in all I think my first iRacing season was a success. I got continuously better over time and also got more confident in racing the other drivers. I had some good close fights in an IndyCar lately.

As for the next season I will try to continue the progress and get even better. In oval series I will try to improve my iRating up to around 2000. I will mainly drive the Indycar and NASCAR B class and will try to get some time to get enough practice on road tracks to run more races in Formula Renault 2.0 and the ProtoGT Series.