MAUNZ-RACING finished 3rd in the iRacing 12h Sebring Race

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After 12 hours of racing we finished 3rd place in Sebring. We managed to avoid major incidences and had only small things like a small touch while lapping cars here and then. We nearly got crashed by a driver with network problems he just disappeared and reappeared just at the same spot we were. But besides a 4x it didn’t do anything to our car. So after we started from the pits to avoid first lap crashes we made our way to the front and we were close to get second place but we needed one pit stop too much. So next time we will be more aware of fuel consumption.

But nevertheless everyone did an awesome job and 3rd place is a great result. It was the first time we drove with those drivers and we didn’t expect much. Top20 or so was the goal and foremost to avoid any crashes. In Daytona a big crash cost us a possible win, so avoiding this was the key for success.