Is real life motorsports still contemporary?

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With some deadly crashes in the last years and some quite scary accidents that the drivers were surviving by just pure luck, the question arises, is this still the way to go? Also, racing with fuel engines are not that environment friendly. Electric cars are still in an early stage and even if they get better with time, it is still dangerous. In a time where safety is apparently paramount this doesn’t seem to have a future.

Especially in oval racing where open wheel cars get up to insane speed like 370km/h it seems just to be pure madness to drive this fast in circles. High speed accidents are also a thing in road racing. Not to mention Rallye where they drive through woods without safety barriers or gravel pads.

It would be easily possible to move all motorsports to virtual reality. We got VR and motion simulators. It would be more environmental friendly and there is no danger at all, besides getting motion sickness. And it would also be cheaper. No traveling around the world. Developing of cars would only be writing software.

Wouldn’t it be reasonable to stop doing such crazy things, where people actually die, just for entertainment? Allowing only Simracing would fit much better in times of reducing risk as much as possible