iRacing Season 3 2017

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After a quite disappointing season 1 I tried to make some changes in season 2. I mostly sticked to what I wanted to do and it turned out to be successful. I drove the IndyCar oval and road series and some Formula Renault 2.0. regarding the GT3 cars I drove the BES, the VLN and the 24h at the Nürburgring combined track. This was very successful. I managed a second place in the BES race with my BMW Z4 GT3.

I did other series only when I was sure that I liked the car and the track and was able to get a good result. Like the ProtoGT at Le Mans or the Porsche Cup at the Nordschleife. So doing less but more quality racing turned out to be a good idea. My oval iRating went from 1300 to 1601 despite losing 200 ir because of crashed in Indianapolis and my road iRating went from 1200 to 1752. So I’m getting closer to my 2000 goal which I hope to archive by the end of the year.

For season 3 I will stick to what I did in S2. Driving the IndyCar oval and road series and doing other stuff only if I like the track and car and are able to get a good result, so most of the time it will be the Nordschleife whenever a series is racing there.

In the VLN I will drive my BMW Z4 GT3 again. I managed to get a good setup for it again, so I can do quite good laptimes despite the fact that it is still slow on straight lines. But I love the car, so that is ok.